Controlled chaos at Givenchy SS 2016

It was the first Givenchy’s NY show. It was the first in history to be open to normal people. Everyone talked about it and of course the makeup look couldn’t be nothing else than exceptional.

Leading the makeup team, Pat McGrath created several different beauty looks for a feeling of controlled chaos. The overall mood was raw and undone, with models made up in muted shades of browns and sheer gloss, but there were some exceptions: two models had deep aubergine lips to stand out from the prêt-à-porter crowd but it was the facial art created for the couture looks that stole the show. Featuring lace, pearls, gemstones and leather, five models walked the runway with elaborate three-dimensional masks that kept up with the couture outfits. 

Luigi Mureno, working with Kérastase, created two different looks to distinguish ready-to-wear from couture: the first one consisted in a textural loose style while the second one in a more classic undo, but both had a urban feeling to match the Givenchy girl DNA we are used to know.