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Chanel Hydra Beauty Water Cream | When skincare meets makeup

Hydra beauty Water Cream is the first skincare meets makeup hybrid product, a cream with a watery, fresh and fast absorbing texture which heals the skin and makes it shine with its own light. Perfect as a primer or as a base for a no makeup look, Hydra Beauty Water Cream is a unique product that awakens the complexion from the very first application.

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Chantecaille Philanthropy Cheek Shade: The "do good, feel good, look good blush"

Two are the reason for which I love Chantecaille Philanthropy Cheek Shade blushes: fist for the amazing formula (finely milled, lightweight, with a color pay-off that does not overdo) and second for the brand’s commitment to different charities. Read more and check out my blush application suggestions!

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Marc Jacobs Holiday 2018 makeup collection

If not glitters and glow, what could we expect from a festive makeup collection? Well, maybe great performances and easiness of use, and Marc Jacobs beauty is ready to satisfy all our needs with the Holiday 2018 Limited Edition makeup collection, the one collection you should absolutely own to complete every outfit during the Christmas and NYE parties.

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NARS Climax turns on your lashes

Dopo Orgams - il blush che fa impazzire tutte le donne - Nars lancia Climax, un mascara that really turns on your lashes senza compromessi. Lunghezza, volume, definizione, intensità e incurvatura, Climax non lascia niente al caso, neanche la componente trattamento.

After Orgams - the blush that drives all women crazy - Nars launches Climax, a mascara that really turns your lashes on without compromise. Length, volume, definition, intensity and curvature, Climax leaves nothing to chance, not even the treatment component.

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Dior Rouge Ultra: the ultimate lipstick

Leggerezza e color payoff, comfort idratante e tenuta. Ma soprattutto sensorialità. I nuovi Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge sono i primi rossetti a base di acqua che rivoluzionano il concetto stesso di rouge a levres, andando a soddisfare tutte le esigenze delle donne di oggi grazie a una formula rivoluzionariamente all’avanguardia. 

Softness and color payoff, moisturizing comfort and lasting power. But, above all, sensoriality. The new Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge are the first water-based lipsticks that revolutionize the very concept of rouge a levres, going to satisfy all the needs of today's women thanks to a revolutionary cutting-edge formula.

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Aveda Cherry Almond: a miracle for your hair

Gli Aveda addicted lo ricordano bene, Cherry Almond. Sia per il profumo, sia per gli effettivi benefici sulle chiome, ma anche perché fu una delle prime linee create da Horst Rechelbacher, l’illuminato fondatore di Aveda che, back in the days, aveva già capito l’importanza di un approccio naturale e sostenibile alla bellezza. 

If you are an Aveda addicted you will for sure remind Cherry Almond. Both for the perfume and for the actual benefits on the hair, but also because it was one of the first lines created by Horst Rechelbacher, the forward-thinking founder of Aveda who, back in the days, had already understood the importance of a natural and sustainable approach to beauty.

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SOS SKIN: Bare Minerals has the perfect Complexion Rescue

Ibrido fra skincare e makeup, Complexion Rescue di Bare Minerals è un vero e proprio game-changer che idrata la pelle, la protegge e la rivitalizza il tutto andando a uniformarla, levigarla e illuminarla.

Hybrid between skincare and makeup, Complexion Rescue by Bare Minerals is a real game-changer that moisturizes the skin, protects it and revitalizes it all by evening it out, smoothing it and illuminating it.

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Chanel Rouge Allure Liquid Powder | Kiss me or not, my lips will be blurry this fall

Sfuocato, opaco, intenso. Questo è l’effetto Rouge Allure Liquid Powder di Chanel, un rossetto di ultima generazione creato da Lucia Pica, che svecchia il concetto di rouge à lèvres opaco.

Blurry, matte, intense. This is Chanel new signature Rouge Allure Liquid Powder effect, a latest-generation lipstick created by Lucia Pica, which reinvents the concept of the matte rouge à lèvres.

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Aveda Invati Advanced: how to make your hair transition into fall

Cadono le foglie, cadono i capelli. Ma il cambio di stagione non deve per forza essere un trauma per le nostre chiome, a correre ai ripari ci pensa Invati Advanced™, il sistema in tre step di Aveda che, ispirandosi alla disciplina dell’Ayurveda (dal Sanscrito, Invati significa “rinvigorente”), riduce della perdita dei capelli e li inspessisce istantaneamente

When the leaves start to fall, you can be sure your hair will do the same. But transitioning into autumn should not be a trauma for our locks and this is why during this time of the year I always call in Aveda three-step system Invati Advanced™ that, taking its inspiration from Ayurveda (from Sanskrit, Invati means "invigorating "), reduces hair loss and instantly thickens the fiber.

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Dior Backstage: the makeup "less is more" that gets everything covered

Makeup universale? Con la nuova linea Dior Backstage Peter Philips dice sì. Sì a una collezione che si adatta a ogni tipo di donna, sì a delle formule che fanno della facilità di utilizzo il loro punto di forza, sì a un risultato che nonostante venga definito “runway-proof” sarebbe più da chiamare “life-proof”.

Universal makeup? With the new Dior Backstage line, Peter Philips says yes. Yes to a makeup collection that suits every woman, yes to formulas that make of effortlessness their strong point, yes to a result that is totally fool-proof and life-proof.

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High coverage foundations are now... weightless!

Sheer foundations may be on trend, but for those of you who don’t like to face the world feeling “naked”, new generations high-coverage foundation are the solution. Forget cake-y faces and dried-out masks, the latest high-coverage foundation formulas launched on the market are weightless, moisturizing and even light diffusing, for a skin that is evened out yet very natural.

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Bye Bye Cellulite!

Magro o formoso che sia, quel che il nostro corpo merita è una pelle curata, tonica e possibilmente priva di inestetismi e, per fortuna, l’industria della bellezza ci viene incontro con una serie di prodotti innovativi che combattono la cellulite e lavorano sulla tonicità della pelle. Scoprite i migliori qui.

Curvy? Skinny? It does not matter, what is important is to get the best out of our body and, luckily enough, the beauty industry is there to meet us half-way with a selection of innovative products that fight women’s worst enemy (a.k.a. cellulite) while delivering flawless and toned skin.  

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