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Controlled, glossy skin at Opening Ceremony SS2016

The beauty look at Opening Ceremony SS2016 was all about skin. To counteract the geometry of the Frank Lloyd Wright inspired collection, James Boehmer, NARS Director of Global Artistry, wanted a look that was very controlled, with moisture and condensation on the skin for a beautiful sweat-glossy finish and nude, muted lip.

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Glamour and gloss at Julien MacDonald Fall 2015

Glamour and gloss sum up the look at Julien MacDonald. For next Fall makeup artist Val Garland looked at a “Berlin Boudoir” focusing on a full lacquer claret lip that perfectly echoed the glossiness of the slicked back hairstyle by Syd Hayes.

Un glamour estremamente patinato quello visto da Julien MacDonald per il prossimo inverno. Parola d’ordine gloss per un beauty look all’insegna della brillantezza fatto di labbra laccate di porpora, pelle perfetta e traslucida, palpebre glossy e capelli portati all’indietro grazie a quantità cospicue di gel effetto bagnato. 

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Glossy eyes and standout red lips @ ZAC Posen SS2015

Forget romanticism, Zac Posen SS2015 show was all about power and sexiness. White, black, and red were the only colors in the collection, and each was shown tonally. Kabuki, for Mac Cosmetics, did the same and put the focus on standout red lips and high-shine glossy eyes with black black lashes.

Niente romanticismi, alla PE2015 di Zac Posen forza e sensualità hanno regnato sovrane fra abiti monocromaticamente rossi, neri e bianchi e un makeup che è stato al passo.

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