Savoir-Faire at Fendi SS2016

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Backstage at Fendi SS2016 savoir-faire was the watchword. Sam McKnight and Peter Philips were in charge of the beauty look and under the strict supervision of Kaiser Karl they created something eccentric yet pure made of severe faux bobs and a cartoon-like eye looks.

To counterbalance the simplicity of the clothes hair needed a bit of geeky and geometric architecture that was translated in a fuzzy faux bob with a severe low side-part. Key player of the look was Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray that held in place the braided ponytail, that was rolled and anchored under the nape (check out here out to create a similar look). 

In the same way hair had that austere yet modern twist, make-up was all about a black, thick and rounded line drawn above the crease, something that resembled a contour that was adapted to each girl eye shape making them look all different in the same way. Using Dior’s Diorshow Waterproof Pro Liner in Carbon, Perter Philips satisfied Karl’s request of ‘a runaway Mormon girl’ letting a strong sense of purity come through the look. Furthermore, this strong line was also a reference to the black soles and ribbons of the shoe collection.

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