A “Smart Oil” took center stage at Cristiano Burani SS2016

Taking the inspiration from the festive mood that permeated the show, the beauty look at Cristiano Burani SS 2016 was all about fresh, glowy and flushed skin.

Makeup guru Jade, working with Clinique, said that the key player for achieving that freshness was Clinique new Smart Treatment Oil, a product he swears by (he literally used the word “addicted”), that was dabbed onto models’ cheekbones, lips and inner corner of the eyes for a “fresh and fragile look”. Well, let’s say the truth, he didn’t restrain himself to this, he used it all over the models’ body, or at least where flesh was picking out of the clothes. And the result was ah-mazing!


Of course, also Chubby Sticks had their part in achieving the perfect fresh look, delivering a costume-made healthy flush to each model. In fact the shade was picked depending on each model complexion and was then applied both on lips and cheeks, working the texture with fingers and building the perfect colored flush. 

On eyes Jade worked with the All About Shadow Quad in Galaxy, blending a cloud of color on the eyelids only. As for Chubby Sticks, he picked the shade depending on the girls, to let their beauty stand out, and used the three blues of the Quad playing with their color in transparency. After he added just a touch of mascara to make the eyes pop and then framed the look enhancing the brows with… eyeshadow (All About Shadow Quad in Pink Chocolate). Yes, in Jade’s opinion, eyeshadow is more delicate and less structured than pencils, and delivers a cool texture that is smooth and that doesn’t move at all. 

Long story short: everything was shiny, healthy and beautifully made.