Chanel Collection Chifrée: a must have limited edition

chanel collection chiffree.jpg

What are your lucky numbers? Coco Chanel had plenty and Chanel decided to celebrate them in a limited edition makeup collection: the Collection Chifrée.

5, 18, 22, 1932 are all engraved in the Chiffres Enntrelacés, a luminous powder that boost your radiance, while the unexpected selection of nail polish shades represent the number 19, the number 22 and the number 31.

The meaning of the Collection Chifrée

Now, it’s not a game number, it all has a meaning that Lucia Pica deciphred in the makeup language: 

- 5 was Mademoiselle lucky number par excellence and as for so, it’s the makeup synonymous of effortless sophistication (hence the Chiffres Enntrelacés);

- 18 is Place Vendome, is the Ritz where she used to live ;

-19 is Coco birth day;

- 31 is where the boutique is in Rue Cambon.

My must-haves of the Collection Chifrée

A part from being limited and available only online and in Chanel’s Beauty and Fragrance Botuiques, Chanel Collection Chifrée is also tiny, is a selection of must-haves go-tos that every woman should own.


Which are my picks? The Chiffres Enntrelacés, of course, even if it’s too beautiful to be even touched. Will I have the courage to dip the rounded brush into it? I already had (a slight touch) and the cream-powder texture is something I really like since it delivers a sophisticated second-skin radiance. 

The nail polish Le Vernis N.22 is a luminous grey with a green undertone that perfectly matches the grey-silver trend of the season.

chanel collection chiffree - le vernis N22.jpg