Yope Hand Cream

Yope? I love it!

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Pleasantly scented, natural, eye pleasing and budget friendly. There are the characteristic that made me fall in love with Yope, a Polish brand born in response to the need to design unique skincare (and home care as bathroom and kitchen soap) products for everyday use. And like all moms I know the importance of a good hand soap, so much so that of a hand cream.

Yope introduces hand creams to protect your hands during the cold months

yope hand cream ginger salvia  tea.jpg

Yope latest launch is indeed a trio of hand creams in tube that, aiming to different kind of skin and problem, will take care of your delicate skin during the coldest months: Ginger & Sandalwood, Tea & Peppermint, and Sage & Green Caviar.

'Our new hand creams have the same wonderful properties as the lotions: they moisturize and nourish the delicate skin of your hands. In addition, they contain 98% natural or low-processed ingredients, most of which are valuable oils and plant extracts.'- Karolina Kuklińska- Kosowicz, the creator of the YOPE

GINGER & SANDALWOOD Hand Cream for dry skin

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Ginger & Sandalwood has been formulated with olive oil and shea butter to take care of dry, chapped skin. Its strong regenerating properties are beautifully matched with a warm oriental scent.

TEA & PEPPERMINT Hand Cream for irritated skin

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Thanks to Green tea extract anti- inflammatory properties, Tea & Peppermint Hand Cream soothes skin irritations by stimulating microcirculation and boosting skin regeneration and it also works to moisturize and protect the hands from external factors, such as wind or frost. 

SALVIA AND GREEN CAVIAR Hand Cream for rough skin

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Designed to care for dry and rough skin of hands, Sage & Green Caviar Hand Cream matches the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of Sage extract with the valuable nutrient of caviar. The scent? Pleasantly herbal.