NINNI Skincare: when less is more

Prevent and protect. Hydrate and rejuvenate. It's NINNI's idea of what really matters for the skin, a day and night beauty routine as easy as effective that, with just two products, takes care of everything, freeing itself from the excess to offer us an essential skincare range. NINNI is a newborn powerful and natural brand that comes straight form Scandinavia and from the know-how of a brilliant woman - Katarina Stetz - who committed her life to beauty, to the research of naturalness and to the study of chemistry. All of that gave rise to NINNI, a truly amazing skincare brand that takes us back to basis.

NINNI My Day is packed with antioxidants and natural oils to protect and nourish the skin; NINNI My Night is filled with hyaluronic acid, peptides and vitamins to rejuvenate and hydrate. Both work as moisturizers and both are available in different scents (lavender and chamomile, lemon and rosemary and unscented) to customize the skincare routine according to our needs and preferences. And because NINNI's ambition is to make each customer confident enough in the science of skin care to best personalize their product and look their best, soon enough there will be more customizable options.

For the moment let's start studying the science of skincare, the brand has a wonderful page where all the basics are well explained.