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The lipstick debate: it's all or nothing

This season it is either all or nothing, at least on lips. Power pouts and bare lips are stealing the show and everything in-between is now considered boring. So forget all the middle-shades, if you want to make a statement go nude or pack a punch with bold colors.

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O tutto o niente. Questa primavera estate non vuole vie di mezzo, perlomeno per quanto riguarda le labbra. Rossetti shock e labbra nude sono gli unici protagonisti della stagione e tutto ciò che si posiziona fra questi è considerato noioso. A dirlo sono le passerelle più rinomate che insegnano che per apparire bisogna osare con un inaspettato effetto naturale o con un colore che lascia (letteralmente) a bocca aperta. 

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NYFW SS2015 Round-Up

New York Fashion Week is about to end and the beauty looks seen backstage have been simply awesome. Some came from the previous season like the organic vibe that is taking center stage and the glossy eyes that are growing in popularity, but some are brand new and sometimes daring. Scroll down to discover the emerging trends for next Spring Summer.

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