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Eau De Bonpoint: the only scent that evokes precious childhood memories

There’s a kind of love, that will last forever. It is a bond, it is the complicity between two sisters that since 1986 - thanks to the House of Bonpoint - is enclosed in a precious bottle of perfume. Eau de Bonpoint was, indeed, created by the nose Annick Goutal exclusively for her sister Marie France Cohen, founder of the French House, in order to constantly conjure up precious and unforgettable memories of an intense sisterly love. 

Un amore che vivrà per sempre, racchiuso in una preziosa boccetta di Eau de Bonpoint. È il legame, la complicità di due sorelle che è espresso in una fragranza datata 1986, creata dal naso Annick Goutal per la sorella Marie France Cohen, fondatrice di Bonpoint. 

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