The Ritz-Carlton Dubai Spa and the Arabia Felix treatment

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Is that even you, Claudia?

Let me tell you that walking out of The Ritz-Carlton Dubai Spa, feeling already way more relaxed and 2 feet taller, and hearing such an exclamation was the confirmation of what I already knew: that the signature Arabia Felix treatment is what everyone should experience, at least once (preferably twice, or whenever possible).

But what is Ritz-Carlont signature treatment Arabia Felix?

Born form the desire to bring back tradition into the fast changing soul of Dubai, Arabia Felix is the signature treatment of The Ritz-Carlton Dubai Spa, a relaxing journey that takes you through the ancient lands of the Southern Arabian Peninsula (named, in fact, Arabia Felix) and that, in making the best out of traditional raw elements and essences, wants to connect your body and soul to the heritage of this beautiful land. 

During the Arabia Felix treatment the room is shaded and the only light is the twinkling one of the candle.

During the Arabia Felix treatment the room is shaded and the only light is the twinkling one of the candle.

The Arabia Felix journey

Seven are the elements - collected across the seven seas and known for their invigorating properties - that pleasantly take you through the journey/treatment. 

Feet exfoliation and massage with Camel Milk, Dead Sea Salt and Sand

It all starts with a gentle exfoliation of feet and legs, firstly soaked into warm camel milk and then massaged with a mixture of Dead Sea salt and sand from the Emirates. There is something extremely special and pleasant in this first step that makes you desire it not to ever end.

It'a Arabia Felix, sorry the misspelling!

It'a Arabia Felix, sorry the misspelling!

The massage with candle heated Argan Oil

As soon as your feet are soft (and relaxed) enough, it’s the time to lean on the massage bed, surrounded by the calming incense of Bakhoor and  delicately lit by the same candle from which the Argan Oil from North Africa will melt. This is the most magical part, having the perfectly heated oil (mixed with alluring essential oils) poured from a candle and massaged into your skin all over the body really eases away all the tensions (and wonderfully moisturizes your skin). And while you loose yourself breathing in the healing vapors of Frankincense, the mind switches off and the body follows. 


The final treat

The ritual ends up with nourishing dates and hibiscus tea, that gently bring you back to reality always keeping the connection with the Southern Arabian Peninsula heritage.

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Whenever in Dubai, I highly recommend you to indulge in The Ritz-Carlton Arabia Felix treatment, and maybe follow it with a Natura Bisse facial for a 360˚ experience. 

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