Shu Uemura teams up with Paperself


I first heard of Paperself three years ago and I immediately fell in love with their paper eyelashes. I was so obsessed with their exquisite paper-cutting art, that I travelled all the way to the only shop that was selling their designs at the time: Luna and Curious in London, Brick Lane.

Therefore, I have to admit that it came as no surprise to me when, in 2012, they showcased at London and Milan Fashion Weeks and they were featured in the Hunger Games movie.

Mesmerizing in concept and creation Paperself became, as I predicted, the world's leading wearable paper-art brand for lashes.

Now that they sell worldwide, that in London they are displayed at Harrods's and Harvey Nichols and in New York at Sephora, they have at last done what everyone was waiting for: a collaboration with Shu Uemura, THE false lashes authority. Love last forever and Cupid Angel are the brand new designs created by the Japanese guru for his Spring 2014.


Wait and see!

Shu Uemura x PAPERSELF lashes "Love lasts forever" & "Cupid angel" ($36 CAD)

Shu Uemura x PAPERSELF lashes "Love lasts forever" & "Cupid angel" ($36 CAD)